Originally from the crowded environs of New Jeresy, I dreamed of living in a tropical location.  I had searched in and visited Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and Ecuador….but could not find the untouched, lush nature I was looking for. (They say…”in Costa Rica you see 10 tourists looking at one toucan.  In Honduras you see one tourist looking at 10 toucans.” )

Finally, I found this property on the web…just like you!

Garth and I hiking the boulders in front of the property

I knew I had found something very special. I came and visited for 14 days and fell in love with the house, the forests, the waterfalls, the flowers, the birds and fruit.  So I cashed out  7 years ago and bought this incredible place from a US expat,  already developed with a watchman’s house, beautiful main house, guest house and mature fruit trees.  I lived here alone for 2 years…without a car or internet.  I improved the guest house, built a amazing river stone outdoor shower, river stone pathways and started running Yoga Retreats with great success.

Garth arrived 4 years ago (as well as internet, we have a fiber optic connection) and together we have made many upgrades including a new roof, electrical and plumbing, massage house, state of the art composting toilet, planted organic gardens and more fruit trees as our business continues to grow.  We really love nature, the rainforest and this incredible area, it has been a dream come true.

We love Honduras. It is beautiful, fun, free and easy.  It has gotten a bad rap from the press so let’s talk honestly about crime and violence.  The media  paint a very scary picture, murder, car jackings, kidnapping, theft…poverty, etc. While this list may be a reality on occasions in some areas of Honduras, they are not our reality here in the buffer zone of the National Parks. We have never even heard of any of these kinds of things.  Sure, I think the major cities have problems…just like all major cities in the world.  But we have found friendly, helpful people, a very low cost of living, unparallelled nature and a lively culture.  We live hundreds of miles and many mountain ranges away from the big cities and have never had one single issue, zip, nada!

IF you are concerned about what you have read about Honduras…let me coax you to come visit and check it out for yourself.  You will wonder why all the fuss, scare tactics and fear mongering.

our “front yard” ~ the river, the boulders, the forest, our dog “rio” and us!

Honduras is a democracy. The govt is no more corrupt than that of the US (except here it’s expected and accepted and in the states it’s covert)  A new president gets elected every 4 years…so there is constantly “new blood”.

Our property is located in the premiere eco-tourism area of Honduras visited by nature lovers and adventure seekers and scientists studying the incredible bio-diversity from all over the globe  The area is protected by a police out post at the bottom of the road, dense forests, the “locals” are friendly and we feel completely safe.  There is no malaria, dengue or other issues.  The air is pure,  our drinking water is impeccable and the scenery is jaw dropping. If you truly love nature, you win the jack pot here!

We have done all the “heavy lifting”, the property is perfect in every way, have courage …check it out.